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Essential Oil Kits

This Spirit of Light Essential Oil Kit 1 and/or Kit 2 is perfect for individuals & professional therapists who want to use essential oil knowledge & high quality therapeutic essential oils.

Each of the Kits contains:

  • A complete set of 50 essential oils in 2ml glass amber bottles. The oils are therapeutic grade & are of the highest quality. The kit is very cost effective, providing opportunity to have a wide variety of quality essential oils in stock.
  • The Essential Oil Manual is a unique publication that offers a distinctive, thoroughly researched & comprehensive aromatherapy resource. Each kit contains 50 different detailed essential oil profiles including the key healing message, characteristics, blessings, therapeutic actions & properties & the soul reflection of the essential oil. 

How to Order the Kits

Please see order form below or contact Hannah at Spirit of Light for more information:

Email: [email protected]

Phone 0405 981 251.  

Available now Kit 2: Rare, Exotic and Unique Essential oils

Testimonials for the Spirit of Light Essential Oil Kits:

“The Spirit of Light Essential Oil Kit is an integral part of my Kinesiology Practice, being of the highest quality. The Manual is beautiful, wise & always meaningful & brings valuable & precise awareness to the client to assist their healing journey, & I would not be without it. Thank you to Hannah for her much treasured insights, & for putting so much love into all that she does". RG

“I trust, use and recommend the oils and products from Spirit of Light both as a therapist and a consumer. Hannah’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the qualities and use of essential oils means I can rely on her suggestions and recommendations to be both effective and safe. I often refer clients to Hannah for advice on oils and blends and the feedback I receive is always positive”. MR

“Hannah's Essential Oil kit & manual are invaluable tools in my Kinesiology practice. The fragrant, healing vibration of the oils combined with the accurate, insightful & intuitive messages allow for deeper understanding & greater energetic shifts toward wholeness & well-being for each of my clients (& me!) Thank you Hannah”. B O’D.